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Lenovo ThinkPad Android 4.0 update set to begin in May

Late last month, Lenovo made it clear that they intended to not only update their IdeaPad tablet to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but also the ThinkPad business-oriented tablet. Unfortunately, back then, Lenovo was only providing generalized dates, with no hard dates to go on. We knew to expect it in the second quarter of this year, but nothing else… Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad tablet in line to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update second quarter of 2012

Lenovo hasn’t been quiet about future updates to their ThinkPad and IdeaPad tablets, even if they haven’t exactly provided specific dates as to when these updates will occur. As it stands right now, we know the updates to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich are coming, but we just don’t know when quite yet. At least, not for the IdeaPad, anyway. Earlier today… Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad rolls into the FCC with 3G

Lenovo’s tablet offering, the ThinkPad, has been in the marketplace for awhile but has lacked the freedom of a 3G antenna, no more. The ThinkPad didn’t go through any sort of hardware changes other than the antenna, but it will bring new adopters new-found mobility. The ThinkPad will support GSM 850/1900, CDMA 850/1900, and WCDMA II, IV, and V bands…. Read more