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Three UK Releases Jelly Bean Update For Galaxy S III

A carrier releasing Jelly Bean for the Galaxy S III? What? You heard right, Three UK is rolling out the Jelly Bean update to its Galaxy S III’s today. This bodes well for both Three and Samsung, seeing how they’re the first to roll Jelly Bean out to a non-Nexus device. The update is 286MB and should be available now. Check for updates in Settings,… Read more

HTC Sensation XE for Three UK now available

Over in the UK the Sensation XE by HTC hasn’t been a missing commodity by any means. However, if you’re under Three UK’s wing, then you’ve had to watch as other carriers flagrantly waved it around, and their subscribers greedily bought it. Well, now you can finally buy the phone for yourself, instead of just watching. Three UK has officially pulled the… Read more