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Apple CEO Tim Cook Never Wanted To Sue Samsung

According to Reuters, Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, never wanted to sue Samsung in the first place.  He was hesitant to sue Samsung because Samsung was the main component supplier for Apple. Apple bought $8 billion worth of components from Samsung last year alone. Cook was worried about what litigation might due to the relationship Apple had with… Read more

Samsung Reportedly Raises Prices On Apple For Mobile Components

Well it looks like the there is no end to the drama between Samsung and Apple. Months following the precedent setting trial this past summer, reports out of South Korea indicate that Samsung has thrown a new twist into their relationship with Apple. Just yesterday, Chosun Ilbo reported that Samsung raised the price that it charges Apple for mobile… Read more

Apple, HTC Settle Patent Dispute With 10 Year Licensing Agreement

In a joint press release yesterday evening, Apple and HTC announced that a 10 year licensing agreement has been reached between the two warring parties. The agreement is good for around the world sales of both HTC and Apple devices and the deal includes a 10-year licensing agreement. The agreement, which is confidential was quickly described by HTC as… Read more