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You Can Now Search Gmail By Size And Date

Google is adding more robust searching to Gmail today, in the form of searching by size and date. If you want to search by size, type in size:5m or larger:5m, using the example of 5 MB, into the search box. The same goes for date. You can type in older_than:1y for emails older than a year. While it’s not quite ideal to be typing these unnatural terms to… Read more

Jury Of Apple VS Samsung Trial Asks For Time Extension

It looks like even the jury is having a hard time deciding who would win the trial. They asked to extend their time past the 4:30 PM mark before the weekend for extra time to review the papers. Granted, they do have to review a 40 page worksheet, then work out the details. So asking for more time is understandable. This trial might drag on for quite a… Read more

Editorial: Samsung Releases ICS Update For Tab 10.1 8 Months After ICS Source Code Drop: Why I’m Happy

Your first thought should be “Why the hell did it take 8 months? What the hell is wrong with you for being happy? Be mad!” Well, let me tell you, I was mad. I was mad for a long time. Why should I be stuck on Honeycomb 3.2, an OS that was in all fairness a beta test? It had hardware acceleration that wasn’t smooth, a new UI that was very unfinished, and… Read more

MKB Reviews: Time & Date Contrast Live Wallpaper

There are plenty of homescreen widgets and applications that can give you a large, visually appealing view of the time/date. There are things like Beautiful Widgets and others that take up widget space but give a simple, good looking view of this same information. This is a live wallpaper, however, so it takes up no icon space and still gets everything… Read more