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µTorrent Client For Android, Beta But Not Lacking Features

The official µTorrent client for Android has been released. Best of all, it’s free and has absolutely no limitations. Not speed, not file size, nothing. You download what you want. Of course, this app is still in beta, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking anything. If you find anything, be sure to email the devs with bug reports. They’re asking for… Read more

Droid Wars: Torrent Controllers

Head to head to head to head: Torrent Droid, Torrent-fu, Transdroid, and BarTor. This isn’t a full-blown review of any of these apps; just a quick demonstration to see which ones are worth your time. Here’s a hint: save your money and go for the freebies. The hardest part of using these apps is getting the settings right – like port forwarding. Someone… Read more