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Toshiba Smartpad dubbed Folio 100, Tegra 2 and all

The Toshiba Smartpad, to be shown off at IFA this year, shall now be known as the Folio 100. Not the best of names, but I’d like to think it’s an improvement over the bland Smartpad title the device used to bear. Of course, with a new title also comes more new information. What else do we now know about the Folio? Quite a few high-end specs will be… Read more

Toshiba Smartpad to be shown at IFA

It’s now being said that the new Toshiba Smartpad, which we first learned about last week, will indeed be shown off at IFA early this September. Rumor is the Smartpad will still go into production with a Tegra 2 and and 10″ screen, but of course none of this is confirmed until the device is unveiled. One thing we can confirm, is what the device looks… Read more