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HP TouchPad Was Made To Run Android Initially

A former webOS developer relations guy, Josh Marinacci, wrote a lengthy post about his time at Palm, and it’s quite interesting. One detail he wrote about is that the TouchPad was designed to run Android. Looking back, most of its hardware was Android-compatible, and the TouchPads that shipped with Android accidentally proved they had it working. he… Read more

HP Touchpad gets MIUI alpha love

Well the HP Touchpad’s path toward full membership in the Android club. With news of CyanogenMod 3.5 hitting the Touchpad scarcely hit the blogs and now, we get news that another favorite of the Android community, MIUI sends an alpha build to the HP Touchpad community. MIUI, for those that don’t know is a heavily skinned and modded ROM based on… Read more

HP Touchpad gets updated to CyanogenMod 3.5 alpha

Many people obtained (or at least tried to) a HP Touchpad when they were being let go for as little as $100. One of the driving factors was that the tablet would get an Android port, and that did eventually happen. The fourth alpha of the popular CyanogenMod ROM has been released for HP’s dead tablet, bringing some fixes and better performance. The… Read more

HP sells more tablets than Samsung

While Samsung seems to perpetually be in the spotlight these days with new phones, tablets, and things-that-are-phones-AND-tablets, news hits the community of a surprising statistic from an unlikely champion, HP. Recent news of webOS’ demise and instability in the company really left most wondering where the computer manufacturer would go from here. Well,… Read more

Some folks working on bringing Android to the HP TouchPad

This last week has been a significant one. While a lot happened, probably some of the biggest news would be the planned acquisition of Motorola Mobility by Google, and HP shutting down the webOS hardware development. The latter of which probably doesn’t mean much to those already supporting Google’s Android mobile operating system, but it’s a big shift in… Read more