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Galaxy S III Running Official Jelly Bean Leak

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=33DoSZuS1ao&feature=player_embedded This video has been found from a Mexican Android blog showing off a TouchWiz Jelly Bean ROM running on a Galaxy S III. The video shows off a few new features, like a revamped notification bar. They added a brightness slider, like AOKP has. They also included expandable notifications, but… Read more

Would Samsung Ever Consider Leaving Android In The Dust?

Well, here’s a doozy of a “however you want to interpret these comments” story for you as Samsung Electronics’ CEO calls for the company to redouble focus on its software, hinting at a possible move to build up their own proprietary system. In my opinion, the popularity of Android which has helped pushed Samsung to very top of the smartphone sales… Read more

Galaxy SIII TouchWiz Launcher Ported To Galaxy SII And Note

The new TouchWiz UX launcher from the Galaxy SIII has been ported over to any Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich ROM! This is great, as the launcher looks to be amazing from the videos I’ve seen. I just flashed it, and it runs amazing on my Exynos-based device. I’m sure it’ll run incredibly smooth on all Exynos devices like the international Galaxy SII and Note,… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note shows itself without TouchWiz, flaunts Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich

Yesterday, Samsung decided to use their USA-based Facebook page to showcase a brand new contest that they are taking the reigns on. It’s a ‘Spin & Win’ contest, and it promotes the chance to win a Galaxy Note as the grand prize. They are more than willing to show off the large device right there in the promotional material for the contest, along with its S… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note now available in Canada

In January, screenshots revealed that the Galaxy Note by Samsung would be launched in Canada by mid-February. Those initial reports have now been confirmed, as the Galaxy Note is available for purchase in the Great North starting today. The large phone/tablet hybrid device may make the perfect Valentine’s Day present for someone, but we imagine it would be… Read more