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Samsung to unveil Galaxy Media Player at CES

There has been talk for several months surrounding Samsung’s development of a Galaxy Media Player, and Samsung has apparently confirmed the device and will be showing it off at CES next month. After launching the Galaxy S series of phones–which some found to be heavily influenced by the iPhone–and then the Galaxy Tab–which was without a doubt… Read more

Breon’s Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S [Verizon] written review


…finally, the Samsung Fascinate. A few months ago, Samsung held a big press event for the Galaxy S series of phones.  Three, of the “Big 4″,  carriers had already announced their Galaxy S plans.  Sprint was going to rock out with the 4G capable, slider QWERTY Epic 4G, TMo had already announced the Vibrant, and AT&T was sporting the Captivate…. Read more

Samsung’s Behold 2: unboxing and hands-on

Overall, my first impressions are pretty good. Still, I think T-Mo might be aiming a bit high with the $229 on-contract price tag. The cube seems more like a bullet point than a useful feature, but I haven’t really had the chance to spend some time with it yet. The keyboard feels pretty good, but again, I need some time. One thing that stood out to me was… Read more

Samsung’s Behold II Cube on video

It seems like we’ve been talking about the Behold II for a long time. It seems like we’ve seen the phone a dozen times and that someone’s done a horrible job of keeping secrets. Yet less that two weeks before the launch date – November 18th – we still don’t know (for sure anyway) the most basic, important specs; like CPU speed, for example. At least now we… Read more

T-Mobile’s Samsung Behold II

The SGH-t939′s 3.2″ AMOLED screen is enough to catch your attention on it’s own, but throw in a tantalizing little taste of Sammy’s new Android version of TouchWiz, and it’s enough to make you reconsider your holiday plans. 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, WiFi, Bluetooth, and microSD up to 16GB. There are no specifics on price or dates just… Read more