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Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 Released

While realistic golf games don’t excite me, I know many people like them. Well EA released their PGA Touch 12 on Android for a measly $5. It’s all the golf action you know and love. And if you’re not an avid golf fan, it also includes 20 mini games to test your skills. Should be a fun little distraction. There are many locations, including Pebble… Read more

Tour of my Nexus Setup [Video]

This is the second in a continued series of video tours of various products, mostly Android related. Today is a tour of my Galaxy Nexus homescreens. This is the kind of thing that changes all the time, based on various inspirations and newly available tweaks. My bootloader is unlocked, but my Nexus is not rooted. This is the stock launcher, the stock… Read more

Tour of MKBHD’s Xoom Setup [Video]

A number of YouTube subscribers and DroidDog readers have asked for a walkthrough of what I have installed on and how I’ve set up my Motorola Xoom. I haven’t always had a Xoom; I started off with one, then switched to an Asus Transformer, then moved to a Galaxy Tab 10.1, then returned to the trusty stock Android experience of the Xoom. Ultimately, I’m a… Read more