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ASUS Transformer Prime GPS Dongle Orders Begin Arriving

Customers who purchased an ASUS Transformer Prime and registered for a free GPS dongle are starting to receive them today. The dongle should fix all GPS issues Prime owners have been experiencing. While this is a good gesture by ASUS, is it enough? Yes, it fixes the issues caused by ASUS itself. But, the dongle is quite big and really ugly. The… Read more

Asus Transformer Prime Dongle Now Available For Order

Right on schedule Asus has announced the availability of a free GPS dongle that will drastically improve the accuracy and speed of lock-ons for Transformer Prime owners. Prime owners will have to register on Asus’ website and have the dongle shipped, however, it’s well worth registering for a free fix. The unfortunate news is the proprietary… Read more

Archos shows off new G10xs line

Archos may be finally getting serious about the tablet game, and has just revealed its latest line of tablets. Known as the G10 xs series, it brings a compact design comparable to most modern tablets. Measuring in at only 7.6mm thick, Archos has shown that it can be a true contender in the ever expanding Android tablet market. On top of all this, it… Read more

ASUS Transformer update to Ice Cream Sandwich available now

Yesterday we told you that ASUS had confirmed, in about as minimal a way possible, that the update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for the original Transformer tablet was on the way today. And, sure enough, the update is now officially available for anyone who wants to download the latest and greatest software onto their tablet. You just need to head into… Read more

Asus Transformer Prime First Impressions [Video]

The Asus Transformer Prime has been one of the most anticipated and elusive gadgets of the beginning of the new year. It is backordered and sold out nearly everywhere, and orders are beginning to trickle out from a few online retailers. Now that we finally have our hands on one, is it worth the wait? Is it worth the $499 for the base model? Let’s take a… Read more