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Apple Adds The Galaxy Note 10.1 And Android 4.1 To Their Lawsuit Against Samsung, It’ll Take A While

This news will never end. Apple has added a new device to their lawsuit against Samsung, the Galaxy Note 10.1. Along with a new device, Apple also includes an entire version of Android: 4.1 Jelly Bean. Despite already winning a trial (and Samsung having to pay $1.05 billion dollars to them), they’re still trying to get more and more. This trial for… Read more

Apple Claims They Will Pay $1 Per iPhone Sold To Moto, But No More

In a very strange turn of events, Apple is now open to pay licensing fees to Motorola. Apple has never been one to do so, but now their lawyers told a court that they would pay a dollar per iPhone sold to Motorola to use their essential patents. $1 isn’t bad money for patents (though it could stand to be a bit larger of a sum), and considering how many… Read more

Samsung vs Apple Trial Not Over – Korean Company Requests New Trial On Claims Of Jury Misconduct

Just when everyone thought the Apple vs Samsung war was simmering down – Samsung has decided to get back into the fight. In post-trial filings on Friday, Samsung revealed it is planning to argue for a new trial against Apple. In addition the Korean company entered a number of documents supporting the theory that juror misconduct led to the jury’s… Read more

Apple Declares War, Adds Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, And Galaxy Note 10.1 To Patent Dispute

And so the war wages on. After Apple successfully defeated Samsung in its month-long patent trial, the company has decided to push its troops forward. The Cupertino-based firm is now claiming that Samsung’s Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note 10.1 infringe on its ’721, ’604, and ’647 IPs. These patents–which should have never been granted… Read more

Trial Aftermath – Samsung Emergency Executive Meetings, Stock down 7%, Jury Members Comment

The aftermath of the verdict in the Apple vs. Samsung trial is beginning to become a reality. Following the official statements from both companies’ PR teams, as well as Apple CEO Tim Cook, new details as to the ramifications behind the judgement are being released. The first piece of news comes from the Korea Times. The site reports that Samsung… Read more

Jury Of Apple VS Samsung Trial Asks For Time Extension

It looks like even the jury is having a hard time deciding who would win the trial. They asked to extend their time past the 4:30 PM mark before the weekend for extra time to review the papers. Granted, they do have to review a 40 page worksheet, then work out the details. So asking for more time is understandable. This trial might drag on for quite a… Read more

Samsung vs. Apple Trial – Samsung shows evidence of Apple copying tech from other companies

In the Samsung vs. Apple case, the Korean giant is out to prove that the technology that Apple is claiming they pioneered with the first iPhone, was actually in fact, copied from other companies. With Apple’s case completed, Samsung has stepped into the aggressor role. Samsung is stating that Apple stole the “bounce-back” feature – or the way the… Read more