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3 Helpful Battery Saving Tips [Video]

One of the most frustrating things about owning one of the latest high end devices is the painfully quick battery drain. Some phones like the Galaxy SIII and RAZR MAXX have shipped with larger batteries, but the latest large, high resolution displays, beefy processors and power hungry radios aren’t helping the situation. Radios High data speeds… Read more

Top Google+ Tips and Tricks [Video]

Google+ has been around for little more than a month now, and has gained immense popularity in this short amount of time. As a competing social network, Google+ does well to offer a number of features that aren’t present on other social networks. Check out this video detailing the top tips from the MKBHD YouTube… Read more

Top Xoom Tips and Tricks [Video]

Let’s take a video look at what separates the Motorola Xoom from the rest of the pack. I’ve been putting the Xoom to the test for around a week now and I’ve discovered a lot about it that isn’t in the typical rushed review video. The launch of the iP*d 2 was nothing short of significant for Motorola but the Xoom has a few tricks up its sleeve that the… Read more