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Tweet Lanes Goes Open Source, Calls For Help

Tweet Lanes was a fantastic concept on what a Holo-themed Twitter app could look like. It also offered a unique take on the reply system, where there was an omnipresent bar with a text field at the bottom and pressing a tweet would add the username to it to reply. However, due to Twitters new 100k user token limit, the developer had to let the project… Read more

Action Launcher Pro Review: Really Simple, And I Really Like It

Last Friday we found out Action Launcher, a new launcher from developer Chris Lacy, was finally released.  There are a few reasons why I was excited about this release. First, if you’re not familiar with Chris Lacy, he’s the developer of the popular twitter client for Android, Tweet Lanes.  Tweet Lanes was a beautifully holo styled Twitter app that… Read more

Featured App Friday, This Week’s App: Tweet Lanes

Welcome to our newest segment here at DroidDog! Starting today, we’re going to be bringing you an app review every Friday called Featured App Friday. We’ll review an app, tell you what we liked and what we didn’t, and then tell you whether or not you should download it! If you want to suggest an app for the segment then feel free to send your app… Read more