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TweetDeck launches Deck.ly for extended tweets

Fans of TweetDeck for the Desktop, Chrome browser, and Android no longer need a third party solution like TwitLonger in order to break through that 140 character limit that makes Twitter what it is. As of today, TweetDeck on those platforms has been updated to utilize an extended tweet service by TweetDeck called Deck.ly. Deckly supports unlimited… Read more

MKBHD’s ChromeDeck tips & tricks

Marques Brownlee, for the unfamiliar, provides a weekly post titled MKB Reviews. Usually they consist of a video or several screenshots and a look at the less-known features of a popular Android app or an overview of an app you may not have come across. But Marques covers a lot of non-Android tech over at his YouTube channel, and he recently put… Read more

ChromeDeck gets desktop notifications per column

The TweetDeck app made specifically for the Chrome Browser, commonly referred to as ChromeDeck, just got desktop notifications. TweetDeck founder and CEO Iain Dodsworth announced the new feature minutes ago via Twitter. Notification settings exist for each individual column and allow for handsome pop-up boxes and sounds. If you’re running or up,… Read more

Chrome TweetDeck now available for download

Starting today, the wildly popular social networking client TweetDeck will be available via Google Chrome Browser in it’s first ever web app format. Chrome TweetDeck includes most of what the desktop client does, and is sure to catch up in no time. So far, highlighted features include blended columns including a blended inbox in order to streamline… Read more

TweetDeck for Android updated to 1.0.3

TweetDeck for Android received a “very hefty” update today, bringing the app up to version 1.0.3. The update, which is not available in the Market, is considered a test and contains the following changes: “Landscape mode for all update detail views Added support for Twitpic Manual bit.ly shortening Allow for dismissing Places notification Fix… Read more

Android TweetDeck users outnumber Mac TweetDeck users

TweetDeck has been a resounding success on the Mac OS, leading the top ten lists of countless blogs’ posts on the best Twitter clients for Mac. The AIR app has done well on iPhone, iPad, and Windows systems as well. But it’s core base has always been Mac users. That all changed yesterday, when, as @deckondroid and TweetDeck founder and CEO, @IainDodsworth… Read more

TweetDeck for Android officially launched

Gotta love that image. The favorite app of many Twitter power users, TweetDeck, has been available in beta for Android for a while. Today we see version 1.0, and the app’s debut into the Android Market. Users of the desktop, iOS, or beta Android apps will be very familiar with its features. Newcomers can look forward to a convenient all-in-one portal… Read more

PSA: TweetDeck for Android v0.9.9 is live

Just a quick heads up for all you TweetDeck addicts, the TD for Android app has been updated to 0.9.9 today. The update doesn’t boast much in the way of new features, but instead centers around bug fixes. Changelog: -Fixes for Facebook feeds -Fixes for issues where notifications do not display -Fixes for various crashes -Fixes for problem with… Read more

TweetDeck update brings widgets

Demonstrating once again why TweetDeck is at the very top of the Twitter client heap, the company has announced the release of a significant update (0.9.8 – click for download from TD) to their popular Android beta application. The new .apk brings three widgets; quick post, column view, and a launcher bar; new notification and update settings; and some… Read more