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OneLouder Announces Slices, The First Third-Party Twitter Client With A Built-In Twitter Directory

There are many Twitter clients available, but OneLouder is looking to stand out among the pack with their new Social Media application, Slices. This new application takes Twitter to a new level by introducing Slices, which are essentially user-defined mini-feeds.  Slices is also the first Twitter application that includes a directory allowing you to… Read more

T-Mobile Confirms Galaxy Note Coming Via Twitter

T-Mobile has officially confirmed that they are getting the Samsung Galaxy Note on their Twitter! It’s been a long time, and after countless rumors, leaks, and documents, it’s finally confirmed. Unfortunately, no date or even estimate was given. Not even a “soon.” We do know it will come eventually though, and that’s a plus. However, how late is it… Read more

Does Facebook Still Reign Supreme For Android Users As The Top Social Media Network? Has Twitter Taken Over?

Facebook has been and will likely remain a love it or hate it social media network. Some in the social media world, swear by it and others have sworn off of it for varying reasons, often transitioning over to Google+ as the new “it” social media network. So where do Android users truly stand with social media app usage? The “good” news for Facebook… Read more

Need Better Search And Notifications For Twitter On Your Phone? The Latest Update To Twitter For Android Has You Covered

As more and more people jump on the Twitter bandwagon, the company has stepped up its game for their mobile app, Twitter for Android. Today they’ve pushed out a new update that makes the app version 3.3 and includes some notable new features such as: – Expanded Tweets: when you view Tweet details containing links to partner sites, you can now see… Read more

Twitter For Android Updated, Squashes Some Bugs

Twitter for Android users should check out this mornings update as it features a few minor, but important bugs. The latest version will correct some issues with sync settings as well as helping out anyone running an Android 2.0/2.1 Eclair device. Seriously, are there any of you out there? v3.2.2 Fixes missing avatars on devices… Read more

Twitter For Android Updated, Not Just Your Typical Bug Fixes

Twitter clients are a dime-a-dozen in the Google Play store, offering different versions to suit different users. The official Twitter app is undoubtably the most popular among all these, if only for the fact that many Android devices come with it pre-loaded. As everyone should know, nothing is perfect, and the Twitter for Android app is no exception. The… Read more