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Plume 3.0 Review [Video]

One of the most popular Twitter clients for Android, Plume, has a received an update to version 3.0 that brings a new UI for Ice Cream Sandwich users. Now you can swipe left and right between your mentions, messages, lists and timeline. Not quite the entirely Holo-based theme like we’ve seen in Boid, but definitely an improvement over the previous version…. Read more

Boid Alpha for Android Review [Video]

Boid is a free Holo themed Twitter app for Android 4.0 and above. Holo, if you aren’t familiar, is the visual scheme of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This incorporates swiping left and right between tabs, the dark and light themes the action bar at the bottom of the app and more. I’m a fan! It’s missing a few critical features right now, but it’s in Alpha… Read more

Twitter opens Android security products to the world

Twitter is making moves and it’s feeling like they’re moving in the right direction. Last month, Twitter scooped up Whisper Systems and we were waiting to see what would happen. Well click here and find out. For all you lazy people that didn’t click through, Twitter is going to be releasing Whisper Systems’… well, systems to the world in open source… Read more

Twitter for Android Updated With New UI

Twitter is rolling out a brand new site design today and they’ve updated the Android app to go along with it. First thing you’ll notice is new tabs across the top. You’ve got Home, Connect, Discover, and Me. Home obviously just shows your timeline. Connect is a little different than you might expect. Opening the COnnect tab will greet you with an… Read more

Whisper Systems gets bought out by Twitter

The mobile security firm Whisper Systems was bought out by messaging giant Twitter recently. Whisper Systems specializes in hardening Android devices through modifying the kernel as well as creating apps for encrypted messaging, calling, and backup. Though there isn’t any official word on what Twitter will do with their new acquisition, that hasn’t stopped… Read more

Twitter for Android version 2.0: A first look [Update]

And just like that, Twitter version 2.0 is now available in the Market for download. Let us know what you think! End update. When the official Twitter application for Android launched in late April of 2010, the general consensus was that the client just didn’t stack up. It certainly wasn’t as polished as its iPhone counterpart, and compared to other… Read more

TweetDeck launches Deck.ly for extended tweets

Fans of TweetDeck for the Desktop, Chrome browser, and Android no longer need a third party solution like TwitLonger in order to break through that 140 character limit that makes Twitter what it is. As of today, TweetDeck on those platforms has been updated to utilize an extended tweet service by TweetDeck called Deck.ly. Deckly supports unlimited… Read more