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Official Twitter for Android app Released

A couple of weeks back, Twitter made a surprising move by purchasing a very popular iPhone Twitter client.  On the same day they also released an official Blackberry app. Today they announced the official Android app.  Based on the screenshots and blog post, it has all of the basic features you’d be looking for in a Twitter client.  Twitter worked… Read more

TweetCaster Update (1.5)

This is just a little update to the popular Twitter application, Tweetcaster. They have added the ability to customize tweet notifications and they have now added two widgets. Download the free ad-enabled version here. Download the paid ($4.99) ad-free version… Read more

DroidWars: Twitter clients – Q1, 2010

This installment of DroidWars is all about the Twitter clients available in the Android Market. There are plenty to choose from and they’ve become so polished and feature rich that one could literally spend weeks testing out top contenders before claiming one as their own. I can’t say that I’ve really settled on one permanently; I use whatever I perceive… Read more

HootSuite hits the Android Market

Twitter junkies  now have yet another way to get their fix with the announcement that HootSuite, dubbed the “The Professional Twitter client,” is now available from the Android Market.  Said to be built with the Android environment in mind, HootSuite takes advantage of the open web nature of the Android platform…. Read more

Tweetcaster: Android’s Latest Twitter App

So I have been given the privilege to be one of fifty  beta testers on an up and coming Twitter app for android called Tweetcaster made by  Handmark (who have let me beta test other apps in the past) and I must say, its a damn good start. I have done the majority of my testing from a my new Nexus One but also have installed it on my trusty rooted myTouch… Read more

DroidDog rooted G1 giveaway!

EDIT: THIS GIVEAWAY IS OVER! THANKS FOR TRYING! The Contest: Have you been curious about hacking phones but didn’t want to risk destroying your own? Maybe you jut can’t afford a spare or maybe you want to add a fifth to your collection. Whatever the case, this is the easiest way to get into a hacked G1 without spending any cash. I’m also opening… Read more