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U.S. Cellular Will Offer You $300 To Switch Over To Them

U.S. Cellular is offering $300 to users who sign up for 2 or more smartphone lines with them. The payment will be disbursed in the form of a prepaid MasterCard debit card. There are also other incentives U.S. Cellular is offering. New and existing customers who live in U.S. Cellular’s LTE markets can sign up for an unlimited data plan for as low as… Read more

U.S. Cellular Announces New Prepaid Plans

U.S. Cellular has announced three new plans for its prepaid customers. The first plan is 400 minutes of voice, 400 texts, and 400 picture messages for $35 a month. It’s obviously a dumbphone plan, as it contains no data. The second step up is unlimited voice, unlimited messaging, and 1GB of “feature data” for $50 a month. We’re not exactly sure what… Read more

Huawei Ascend II announced for U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular, one of the larger regional carriers, is looking to expand its Android lineup. They just announced the Huawei Ascend II, as a low-end phone for its increasing smartphone base. The specs include a 3.5″ 320×480 display, 5-megapixel camera, 600MHz processor, and a 1,400mAh battery. Everything is run by Android 2.3, with what appears a custom… Read more

U.S. Cellular Black Friday Sales Going on Now

Black…Tuesday? While everyone else is waiting until Friday to unleash their sales U.S Cellular is starting right now. If you’re a customer of this popular regional carrier you will be glad to see some pretty good deals. U.S. Cellular has five Android devices on sale, each for less than $100. Check them out below. Motorola Electrify, HTC Hero S -… Read more

U.S. Cellular launches HTC Desire

Have you been aching to get your hands on that Europe/Asia exclusive, HTC’s Desire? The gadget boasts a 1GHz Snapdragon, Android 2.1 with Sense, and a 5MP camera. And, after that hullaballoo with AMOLED panel shortages, this new batch comes with Super LCD displays. Admittedly, the specs put this device right in line with what’s been available for almost the… Read more

U.S. Cellular snags the Galaxy S

This phone is certainly making the rounds.  As Dustin reported, the Galaxy S will be launching on several carriers, in one form or another.  Today, U.S. Cellular announced their version.  Ironically¹ named “Galaxy S”. “The Samsung Galaxy S™ smartphone coming soon to U.S. Cellular customers is a premium Android device equipped with Samsung’s… Read more

A hint of Desire’s next destination?

I’m not sure you can classify this as evidence of an impending Stateside launch, but it is encouraging to see the HTC Desire turn up on a rebate form, even if it isn’t from one of the big four carriers. Desire is one of those few phones I’d be willing to let go of my N1 for. After all, I’ve spent a good deal of time making my Nexus behave like… Read more