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HTC May Release An Ubuntu Tablet?

First, HTC showed off this photo. It looks like a device under a cloth, but it looks a bit big, doesn’t it? Could it be a tablet? No, HTC said they left the Android tablet market after a few not-so-successful launches. But what could it be? Next, Ubuntu released this timer. counting down to what seems to be HTC’s press event tomorrow. It’s… Read more

Kite Tablet Runs Both Ubuntu And Android On An Exynos Quad Core

An interesting tablet is now up for pre-order. DaVinci Mobile Technology calls it the Kite Full-HD tablet, and the specs are pretty impressive. The screen is a 10.1″ 1920×1080 IPS panel, it has a quad core Exynos 4412 that has been proven amazing time and time again, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, dual cameras (the rear camera is 2MP), and a price of… Read more

Ubuntu Team Releases Ubuntu Nexus 7 Desktop Installer

The Canonical team has done it again. They’ve shown off Ubuntu on Android phones before, running the full desktop. now we get to experience it for ourselves, and this release is for the Nexus 7. It’s native Ubuntu, no emulation, no virtual machine, just Ubuntu replacing Android completely. It’s a very easy install process (though you do have to have… Read more

Could Ubuntu prove useful on Android phones?

Earlier today we reported that Ubuntu would officially be making its way to Android phones, offering a full desktop experience. While the phones don’t run the OS on its own display, it is instead outputted via a docking station with a keyboard and mouse. This allows a single phone to run both a desktop and mobile OS, in theory creating the perfect device…. Read more

Ubuntu coming to Android, allows any phone with a dual-core processor to run a full desktop OS

Popular Linux distro Ubuntu is looking to make itself mobile, and Android is the natural choice. It has just been announced that Canonical (creator of Ubuntu), is developing a method to bring Ubuntu to Android-based handsets. It looks like this applies to both phones with the traditional ARM-based processor, as well as the upcoming x86-based Intel powered… Read more

Ubuntu running on Samsung Nexus S

Ubuntu is the ubiquitous flavor of GNU/Linux that seems to wind up an every electronic device that features a display. And the same cat that brought Ubuntu to the HD2 and MeeGo to the Nexus S has combined software and methodology from both hacks to get Ubuntu up and running on the Nexus S. As always–and it should be obvious–this is a… Read more

Run Ubuntu on your Samsung Galaxy Tab

I would love to provide a video demonstration for this post, but alas, the Galaxy Tab I have in my possession does not belong to me. And this kind of hack, while doable, does put your gadget at risk. This one’s best left to more experienced hackers, and as always, pursue at your own risk. Instructions for getting Ubuntu (the consumer’s favorite Linux… Read more