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Google+ Redesign and #Whitespace Craze [Video]

The new visual design of Google+ featuring a columned layout reminiscent of Facebook’s timeline has sparked a few strong opinions today. One particularly notable “feature” people grabbed a hold of was the massive amount of white space on the right hand side when viewing Google+ in a large window. Hilarity ensued. Enjoy the… Read more

HTC looking to add features to lock screen in Sense UI

When it comes to HTC, adding any kind of improvements to their Sense user interface means they’re trying to make (arguably) the best UI better. If a new report is true, then it looks like that’s exactly what the manufacturer is doing. AllThingsD is reporting that HTC plans on adding a few tweaks to the Sense lock screen. Namely, they want to make it easier… Read more

Marvell’s new Android UI: Kinoma

With all sorts of Android devices, processors, and UIs being shoveled out during the convention season, the real gems can get lost in the shuffle. Not this time. Announced alongside their new 1.2GHz UMTS / TD-SCMA ‘world phone’ chip, Marvell is proud to introduce Kinoma UI. As you will see in the video below, Kinoma is a MIUI-esque (see: iPhone) UI… Read more

Kite UI concept video

Yes, it’s true. When TAT was acquired by RIM just one day ago, many a fan of Android OS saw hopes of innovative menus and 3D UIs fly out the window. But not so fast. There are plenty of other concept UIs out there that will change the way you think about smartphone navigation – Some powered by Android, some being worked on for an actual release. Take for… Read more

Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout TAT

TAT Home that is, and they should be talking. The Astonishing Tribe has brought the fluidity, grace, style, and functionality of their absolutely killer concept UIs to a very real product that will soon be available for Android phones. The mind-blowingly creative bunch that is TAT were part of the creation process for the original Android UI, and the… Read more