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HTC First UK Launch Being Held Off Indefinitely

The HTC First was released with a lot riding on it. It was HTC’s only other current gen device released, aside from the HTC One, and it was their second attempt at a Facebook phone. The partnership with Facebook apparently didn’t work out, as many say Facebook Home was supposed to be delayed to give the HTC First time to sell with an “exclusive” piece… Read more

HTC One Now Available In The UK

IF you live in the UK and have been looking to buy the HTC One, today is the day. They released the device in the UK today and it’s available from many places, be it carriers or retailers. You can even buy them from Amazon UK (or Clove, Phones4u, or Dial A Phone) off contract if you don’t want to sign a contract. Just remember that supplies are low,… Read more

Motorola Rolling Jelly Bean Out To The RAZR i In The UK

The Motorola RAZR i isn’t updated quite as fast as its ARM-based brother, the DROID RAZR M, but it’s getting there. The Jelly Bean update for the RAZR i was released in France recently, and it’s the UK’s turn today. The update includes all the standard Jelly Bean goodies like Google Now, Project Butter, expandable notifications, and improvements all… Read more

UK Galaxy S III’s Getting Update, Fixes Exynos 4 Exploit And More

Samsung had gotten themselves into a fair bit of trouble lately, with two major bugs inhabiting their flagship Galaxy S III smartphone. The first was the infamous Exynos 4 bug that plagued not only Galaxy S III’s, but also S II’s, Notes, Note II’s, and many other devices. It allowed any app that is coded properly to gain full root access, and that’s a… Read more

UK Play Store Now Has A “Redeem” Button For Gift Cards

Google seems to be preparing to launch gift cards in the UK, because both the Play Store webpage and the Play app on Android phones now have a “Redeem” option. This option applies to gift cards in the US, so those in the UK can start getting excited. Hopefully the actual gift cards will be released soon, because without them, the Redeem option is… Read more

Play Magazines Come To The UK, Google Spreading The Love

Google has been spreading their services to a lot of new countries lately. People in the UK can finally take advantage of Google Play Magazines, a service that (as you can imagine) provides magazine subscriptions. Many are optimized for Android too, instead of being just photos of the pages. It’s a great service with some fantastic content for those of… Read more

Sony Wins Number 2 Spot In UK Android Device Sales

In a surprising turn of events, Sony has moved up to the number two Android company in the UK. They outsold HTC after their release (and massive advertising) of their Bond Phone, the Xperia TL. Sony sold 500,000 units in Q3 of 2012, while HTC sold 440,000. It’s not a big difference, but this is big news for Sony. Being the second highest selling Android… Read more

LG Surprised By Nexus 4 Demand, Calls It “Extremely Popular”

It seems that both Google and LG were taken aback by the popularity of the Nexus 4. It’s understandable, no other Nexus phone has been very popular, so even to me it came as a shock that the Nexus 4 sold out so quickly. CNET UK talked to LG about the crazy Nexus 4 situation of it selling out so fast every time it’s sold, and LG had a few interesting… Read more