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Apple Ordered To Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees In UK Dispute

Apple may have made nice with HTC, but their ongoing trouble with Samsung in the UK has them yet again back in the news. After posting an apology the Judge didn’t like, a rewritten apology was accepted, albeit pushed down on Apple’s webpage so it was out of view. That crafty maneuver has led a UK court to order Apple to pay all of Samsung’s legal… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Camera Available For Purchase In The UK

Thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy Camera have been very mixed, but whatever they are, it is now available for purchase in the UK. The price on both Clove and Expansys is £420 (Clove has it for £350, but it ends up being £420 with VAT), and they start shipping soon. Clove expects the white models to ship on the 12th, while black models are delayed…. Read more

O2 In The UK Getting The Nexus 4 Next Month

T-Mobile is the official carrier in the US for Google’s latest Nexus 4, but what about markets outside the US? We now know who the officially carrying it in the UK, as carrier O2 has announced that they will offer the phone on their network when it launches. Rumor has it that the carrier has exclusivity for at least one month, and other carriers have… Read more

Apple Posts Apology To Samsung Saying Samsung Didn’t Copy The iPad, But Really Did

As ordered by the UK courts, Apple has posted their pseudo-apology to Samsung for the ruling that states in a masterfully written way, that Samsung did not copy Apple, but they kinda, sorta did. The statement appears to be the work of at least a few crafty lawyer types who make sure to point out the Judge’s own remarks on Apple’s “simple” and “cool”… Read more

Unlocked Galaxy S III’s In UK Receiving Jelly Bean Update

The massive Galaxy S III Jelly Bean rollout continues, with UK unlocked devices being updated right now. Those who are using the “BTU” British unlocked devices should be very happy, as they’re getting a pretty good update. Not only does it contain Project Butter, famed for making device smooth as butter (or other smooth substances), but it also comes… Read more

UK Retailer Shows 32GB Nexus 7 To Cost £199

The 32GB Nexus 7 has been making headlines recently, being a much needed option in the mobile space. We thought it’d take its spot above the 16GB model at a $50 premium, but we seem to be wrong. The 32GB Nexus 7 seems to be the same price as the 16GB model at this UK retailer. Will it replace the 16GB model? Why not drop the price of the 16GB model and… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Now Available On Three UK

The wait is over: you can now get a Samsung Galaxy Note II in the UK. Three has now announced it for £499 off contract, or £31 per month with a £159 charge for the device. This is great news, since that means the US model isn’t too far away. If you want a Note II in the UK, head over to a Three store. Or if you purchase online, they say that online… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note II Gets First Release Date, In The UK

Samsung’s Galaxy Note II finally has a release date, unfortunately it’s a release date for the UK, and well over a month before its expected to launch on US carriers in mid-November. The Note II will be available unlocked from Samsung’s flagship London store in, and “all major networks” in the UK including Three, O2 and Vodafone. No official… Read more