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Amazon Appstore Rumored To Arrive In Europe This Summer

Amazon’s Appstore has given Android users an alternative to the Google Play Store for nearly a year and a half, but so far only users in the US have been able to take advantage of it. Sources familiar with the matter are reporting that the third-party app store will make its debut in the European market “sometime this summer”. In addition the release of… Read more

Android Holding Over Half Of The UK Smartphone Share, HTC And Samsung Make Up Almost All Of It

It’s no secret that Google’s little green robot holds the majority of the US smartphone market, but how is it doing internationally? CNET UK is now reporting that Android makes up 50.1% of the UK smartphone market, effectively making it the dominant OS across the deep blue. This is about a 5% increase over last year, where Android held about 44.6% of the… Read more

ASUS Transformer Prime TF700T to arrive after June, original Prime gets warranty extended

When ASUS announced a sequel to the original Transformer Prime mere days after stock had flooded the market, many users were concerned that their shiny new tablet would soon be outdated. This doesn’t look to be the case, at least according to ASUS. They have just confirmed on their UK blog that it will be unlikely for tablets to be available until at least… Read more