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Video Montage Shows Just How Tough It Is To Unbox The Nexus 7

Google’s Nexus 7 has been the most talked about Android device in the last week or so, and units are finally hitting consumers hands. Now that they’re in the wild, watch this awesome montage of unboxings, with our very own Colton Kaiser included. You can catch Colton at both 8 and 32 seconds in, and his genius shows as he was the only one to pre-cut the… Read more

ASUS Nexus 7 Unboxing Video

We’ve finally managed to get our hands on the elusive ASUS Nexus 7. Yesterday, units started shipping from the Play Store and some third-party retailers before completely selling out. In this video we take a quick look at the stunning design and hardware of Google’s newest member in the Nexus… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III On Sprint Unboxing

The most anticipated Android phone this year is finally hitting the US, and DroidDog is here to cover it. We’ve got a couple Samsung Galaxy S IIIs in the house, and we’ll be starting out with an unboxing. This is of the Sprint model, which offers a few goodies like Google Wallet support. Watch the unboxing of it now! Also, take a peek at Marques’ first… Read more

ASUS PadFone Unboxing Video, Boxes Everywhere

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJyYPxd5wKM&feature=player_embedded The ASUS PadFone is one of the weirdest devices I’ve ever seen running Android. It’s a phone. But it has a tablet dock that you put the phone into to turn it into a fully functional 10.1″ tablet. And there is another keyboard dock that you dock the tablet dock into to make it into a… Read more

Samsung Droid Charge and HTC Thunderbolt unboxing

After a long video sabbatical, I’m back in front of the camera. We’ve got a lot of phones to cover this summer, so I’m jumping out of the gate with a double unboxing of Smasung’s Droid Charge and the HTC Thunderbolt–both LTE 4G phones on Verizon Wireless. Connectivity isn’t all these gadgets have in common though. Their spec sheets are almost… Read more