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Samsung Infuse 4G: first impressions

We generally like to introduce a new device in our arsenal with a video unboxing and then follow up with photo/video samples, a full, written review, and possibly some Q&A vids. But we don’t want to hold out on content while taking care of some glitches in our video editing department, so here is our first still photo unboxing and first impressions… Read more

Unboxed: Motorola Xoom

Here’s the Xoom! Is this the Android tablet you’ve been waiting for? Is this the one you just need to have? The one you’ve justified in your mind is worth the money? You’re probably already seen a list of specs along with all the rumor articles. Let’s take a look at what comes in the box: Check out more of the content I produce on the MKBHD… Read more

Logitech Revue unboxing and early look

I hate to drop 20-plus minutes of video on you for what I intended to be a simple unboxing and hands-on, as it were, but there’s a lot going on with Logitech’s (and my) entry into the world of Google TV. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure where to start or how to organize my coverage of the many features, which are still very new to me. But rest assured,… Read more

HTC Legend unboxing and hands on

Thanks to our friends at eXpansys for hooking DroidDog up with an HTC Legend for review. In this video, I unbox the phone and take a quick look at the hard and software. After using the phone for about 24 hours, I’m loving the design, form factor, optical joystick and of course Sense. I’m not to sure about the hardware buttons below the screen as opposed to… Read more

Backflip unboxing from PhoneDog

I can’t say I’m super excited about this one but Moto’s follow-up to the Cliq is AT&T’s first Android and employs a nifty method for navigating the screen called backtrack (not to mention that kooky out-facing folding QWERTY). This one hits stores on March 7th for $99.99 on contract. I got to play with the Backflip a bit at CES and it was a nice looking… Read more

Nexus One unboxing photos and video

I’m a bit bored with the leaked Nexus One material so far because it’s all been so light. None of it gives has given us much of an idea for how the Operating System or phone feel, though this video is better than what we’ve previously seen. I guess I won’t have to wait much longer. The phone is expected to launch on January 5th and considering that I’ll be… Read more

Acer Liquid unboxed

According to the unboxer, elements that may look a bit cheap in pictures – like the hardware buttons and battery cover – really don’t feel that way in person. He says you can be a lot more rugged with it the he had originally thought, calling it a very solid device. Via Android and… Read more

GeeksPhone One unboxed by… GeeksPhone

It seems the folks over at GeeksPhone just couldn’t wait to see what an unboxing of their own One device would look like. So, they did what any small group of crazy people would do: they shot their own. I guess they can skip that whole hassle of sending out loaners, eh? It does look pretty nice though, right? Via… Read more

General Mobile DSTL1 unboxing

This gadget is a bundle of contradictions. It’s got some useful accessories that make me wonder why all phones aren’t packaged with such foresight, but some incredibly weak spots that kill the buzz. For example, two 1200 mAh batteries and a wall charger allow you to juice one pack and drain the other simultaneously. There’s a MicroSD adaptor for easy… Read more