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[Deal] eBay Daily Deals Selling Unlocked Galaxy Note II For $589

Do you want a Galaxy Note II in the US for a cheap price? Here is your deal. eBay Daily Deals is selling the unlocked international Note II for $589, a far cry from the original $799 price. It will work on AT&T, HSPA+ and all (no LTE here, folks). You’ll have to check if it’ll work on T-Mo, but don’t count on it. Obviously, Sprint and Verizon won’t,… Read more

[UPDATE: Dev Editions Announced] Motorola Says They Will Launch Developer Phones, Is That Good Enough?

At today’s Motorola keynote, one detail caught my attention. Motorola understands that developers and power users want to tweak and modify their phones. They get that, and that’s great. So they said developer editions of phones will be coming. That sounds great and all, but what are the implications? First of all, we have no word on when the… Read more

HTC One S Getting Sense 4.1 Update In Europe

It has been reported that the Android 4.0.4 update is being pushed to unlocked HTC One S devices all over Europe through OTA. This comes about a week after the One X got the same update. It bumps the version of Sense to 4.1, which is a big update. This should fix some bugs, make the camera faster, and if it’s anything like the update for its bigger… Read more

Best Buy Planning On Selling Unlocked International Galaxy S III?

Here is a photo of a Best Buy computer showing the Galaxy S III. What’s strange is that the phone is the international unlocked model, the i9300. It’s the one with the Exynos quad core, HSPA+ only radio (no LTE), and the legendary Wolfson Micro audio amp. It looks like Best Buy i planning to sell the Pebble Blue one in stores completely unlocked. The… Read more

eBay Daily Steal: Samsung Galaxy Nexus For $369.99

Today’s deal may not seem like much, but is a lot more saved money than you think. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the same model Google sells on the Play Store (unless the technical codename is different, we can’t verify that), and it’s going for $369.99. You’re probably thinking “But it’s $399.99 from Google, that’s a small savings!” Well Google charges… Read more

Google Now Selling Unlocked Galaxy Nexus For $399.99

Wow, big news from Google as they release an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Google Play store for just $399.99. Compatible networks for the unlocked variant include AT&T, T-Mobile and other GSM providers with 3G/4G HSPA+ technology. These devices are unlocked and contract free and this is a price that should not be missed! Run, don’t walk to pick this… Read more