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Samsung Galaxy Nexus 15-week Review [Video]

This is Google’s flagship device, 15 weeks later from the perspective of an Android enthusiast and a fairly advanced user. It’s running the latest build of AOKP with a Franco Kernel handling the power. Enjoy the video! Hardware The Galaxy Nexus has held up very well for the past few months. One of the major initial complaints on launch was that… Read more

Galaxy Nexus Shipping Unlocked in America Now, Will Cost You $750

Most of us are waiting for the Galaxy Nexus to arrive in the States via Verizon, but might not be the only place to get one. If you’re interested in a unlocked GSM version you can order one right now…for $750. No one ever said early adoption was affordable. The 16GB HSPA+ model is what you’ll get with your $750. It’s available from Expansys. You… Read more