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HTC Sense 4.1 Possibly Leaked From Custom ROM

It appears we may be one step closer to HTC’s next iteration of the Sense interface.  HTC phone modder guru, Football, has acquired a leaked version of the Sense 4.1 ROM upgrade utility(RUU) and has integrated it into his Maximus firmware for the international version of the One X.  The 4.1 update appears to remove the lag present in the launcher and… Read more

Editorial: Samsung Releases ICS Update For Tab 10.1 8 Months After ICS Source Code Drop: Why I’m Happy

Your first thought should be “Why the hell did it take 8 months? What the hell is wrong with you for being happy? Be mad!” Well, let me tell you, I was mad. I was mad for a long time. Why should I be stuck on Honeycomb 3.2, an OS that was in all fairness a beta test? It had hardware acceleration that wasn’t smooth, a new UI that was very unfinished, and… Read more

Sprint’s Samsung Epic 4G Touch ICS Update Pushing Out Again

The Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Samsung Epic 4G Touch has been rolled out before, but it was halted due to unknown problems. Luckily, it’s back in action and rolling out to owners of E4GT. So if you still haven’t gotten the update, check for it in Settings, and tell us how it goes. So E4GT owners, have you received the update yet? Tell us in the… Read more

Verizon’s Samsung DROID Charge Receiving Minor Update

The Samsung DROID Charge will soon be receiving an update, but it isn’t anything major. It’s simply a bug fixer, so don’t get too excited. However, the changelog seems to be from the older FP1 update with all the details moved around, so it may not be accurate. Just know it’s a minor 19.3MB update that will hopefully make your Charge run better. Hit the… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Begins Seeing Ice Cream Sandwich

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, you may very soon be seeing a screen similar to what you see above. That’s right, the 10.1 has officially begun receiving the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Now, not every model is receiving it. In fact, only the Wifi-only UK model and the Italian 3G model are receiving it at the moment. But one can assume that the… Read more