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Samsung Replenish set to receive software update soon

Right after we just told you about the EVO Shift 4G by HTC getting a software update soon, the Replenish by Samsung is set to receive its own update as well. This is a smaller update than what the EVO Shift is getting, as it is specifically meant for security purposes. With that in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising to hear that the Carrier IQ settings… Read more

Google Earth mobile app updated

Own a tablet or phone with a Tegra 2 processor? Had trouble running the Google Earth app? Google finally has a fix for you, as their latest update to the fun world map patches up some bugs that were caused on those devices. The app will not crash anymore, along with a few minor bug fixes. It will be version 6.1.5671, up from version 6.1.  Anyone who’s… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus for Verizon receiving its first update hours after activation

One of the best parts of a smartphone is the over the air (OTA) updates. Not only are they an easy, quick way for owners to get access to new, more stable software, but it’s a way for manufacturers and carriers to fix issues with a phone once problems become known. Plus, in some cases, it’s how we get a new version of our favorite mobile OS, and that’s… Read more

Logitech Says Google TV 2.0 Still Coming to the Revue in 2011

Logitech has very publicly denounced the Google TV experiment to be a failure. Sales for the Revue were not very good, thanks mostly to Google’s lackluster software. Google is trying to fix that with the Honeycomb update that bring the Android Market to Google TV. Sony Google TV’s have been enjoying this update for several weeks, but Revue owners have… Read more