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Samsung Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note will receive Ice Cream Sandwich before the end of Q1

Long ago Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note would receive Ice Cream Sandwich sometime in 2012. Beyond that, we had no idea when it would be coming. That changes now, as Samsung’s Norway branch has just confirmed via Facebook that the update would be coming sometime in Q1. There is still a lot of time left in the quarter, but it it at… Read more

Lenovo ThinkPad tablet in line to receive Ice Cream Sandwich update second quarter of 2012

Lenovo hasn’t been quiet about future updates to their ThinkPad and IdeaPad tablets, even if they haven’t exactly provided specific dates as to when these updates will occur. As it stands right now, we know the updates to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich are coming, but we just don’t know when quite yet. At least, not for the IdeaPad, anyway. Earlier today… Read more

HTC Rezound set to receive software update soon

The HTC Rezound, HTC managed to shove plenty of features into a pretty amazing package. For owners out there, while waiting for Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich may be taking up the majority of your time, there are still other software updates out there coming down the pipe. Verizon has confirmed that a software update is incoming, but no date has been… Read more

Motorola DROID RAZR for Verizon part of incoming project

Motorola isn’t just pinging Photon 4G owners for an incoming test, apparently. The manufacturer is also reaching out to owners of the DROID RAZR, asking certain people if they’d like to partake in a little bit of a project coming down the line. Of course, as with the other projects that have come before it, this one won’t be heading to all DROID RAZR owners… Read more

Motorola Photon 4G part of upcoming test

If you own a Motorola device, one of the more exciting aspects is the “soak test.” Motorola loves to test pre-release software in the hands of the public, and if you’re lucky enough to get on the list, then you get to test the next best piece of software that Motorola has coming down the pipe. Next in line is the Photon 4G, which is set to receive its own… Read more

Amazon Kindle Fire bumped to software version 6.2.2

The first tablet device from Amazon, the Kindle Fire, has seen its fair share of updates since its launch, and now the device is getting another one. This latest update brings the device up to software version 6.2.2, and has one main feature in line: full-screen browsing. That’s not all, though. The update is being rolled out in stages, but you can check… Read more

Motorola XOOM WiFi next in line to be part of a special project

We know that Motorola loves their projects, especially for high-end devices. It’s the best way it seems that the company has found to test updates in the real world, with devices in customer’s hands. That’s what looks to be happening with the WiFi-only Motorola XOOM, if the official word from the Forum denizen, Matt, is any indicator. Here’s the… Read more