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Verizon Changes Upgrade Eligibility Policies

Sad news for Big Red customers today, Verizon has made some changes to their upgrade eligibility policies and they’re not all that good. For starters, you can now only upgrade your device when your tw0-year contract has run out. Previously, you could upgrade four months before the contract ran out as long as you were planning to stay on Verizon. But the… Read more

[Deal] LG Optimus G Half Off For AT&T And Sprint

Have you been waiting for the LG Optimus G since it’s been announced? Excited for the high end device, but can’t afford a $200 phone? Here’s a great deal for you: the Optimus G for both AT&T and Sprint is $100 off. And even better, the deal applies to both new account and upgrades. For only $99.99, this phone is an amazing deal. The LG Optimus G is… Read more

Motorola Updating XRT To 2.3 Today, In 2012

Here’s a strange one. Motorola is updating the XPRT on Sprint with Gingerbread. Not Ice Cream Sandwich, not Jelly Bean, but Gingerbread. What a long way we’ve come, right? Despite this being an update that should have come a long time ago, at least it’s being updated. Motorola bothered with such an old device, and that’s a good move. If you’re stuck… Read more

[Deal] Wirefly Offering DROID RAZR M For $50 On Verizon

Good news! An already cheap phone is even cheaper! The Motorola DROID RAZR M on Verizon is only $99 on contract, with some fantastic specs to back up that low price. With a 4.3″ qHD display with very little bezel around it, a 1.5 GHz dual core Snapdragon S4, 1GB of RAM, 8GB storage, NFC, a beefy 2,000 mAh battery, LTE, and Ice Cream Sandwich with an… Read more

Get $100 Credit Buying A New Motorola Device If Your 2011 Moto Device Won’t Get JB

At Motorola’s keynote today, they were talking about upgrades. They promised Jelly Bean upgrade for almost all of their phones released on 2011. However, they said a few won’t be getting this upgrade. Of course, it’s understandable if they don’t have the specs to run it (though it still isn’t excusable). So phones like the DROID 3 won’t get it. Now… Read more

Revamped Hauwei Ascend P1 Hitting UK Store Shelves Soon

The Hauwei Ascend P1 has only just been made available in the UK, but sources are now reporting that the smartphone will be given a few hardware improvements as it makes a full-scale launch. Before the smartphone hits European stores, Huawei will be overhauling the hardware to give it a more “premium” feel. In addition, an extended 1,800mAh battery… Read more

Silver Sony Xperia SL Leaked, Xperia S Replacement

The Sony Xperia SL is the rumored replacement to the Xperia S, being very similar but a small upgrade with internals. It is rumored to have a CPU clocked at a quite high 1.7 GHz and will come in new colors, like this silver color. The original came in only black and white, so this might be a good reason for people who never owned an Xperia S to buy it…. Read more