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US Cellular HTC Flyer Variant Gets Update: It’s Honeycomb

The original HTC Flyer received the Honeycomb update in December, 7 months ago. Now to demonstrate the damage carriers can cause, US Cellular has just released the same update for their variant of the Flyer. When Ice Cream Sandwich is on most tablets, and Jelly Bean has been out for weeks, these lucky Flyer owners get Honeycomb. Not only is it such… Read more

TELUS Cancels HTC Desire HD Update To Android 4.0, Blames ‘Poor Device Performance During Testing’

Earlier this year, HTC announced a slew of handsets that were slated to receive Ice Cream Sandwich in the not-so-near future. Surprisingly, the Desire HD, a single-core device released in 2010, was on that list. Today, however, Telus has officially canceled the device’s Android 4.0 update, citing poor testing results. It’s hard to believe that the… Read more

Epic 4G Touch Source Code Up, Update Soon After

Samsung has officially uploaded the source code for the Epic 4G Touch, Ice Cream Sandwich software. This fits right in line with the supposed release of the update tomorrow to Sprint customers everywhere. This release will give an early look for developers who want to start building and compiling ROMs for the device. At the very least, we know the… Read more

Samsung Provides Vague Statement On Jelly Bean Upgrades

With this latest update to Google’s Android OS, everybody’s wondering if they’ll get sweet Jelly Beans on their device. HTC provided a comment today and now Samsung has done their part by leaving a very vague comment that doesn’t really offer any information besides what we already know. Here it is: Samsung will soon announce which additional devices… Read more

Sprint Shutting Down Early Upgrade Program On June 1st

On June 1st, Sprint’s early upgrade program will be no more. It was a high cost program and Sprint is cancelling it to reduce costs. Before, Sprint would allow upgrades a few weeks early, often in the case of a broken phone. If you want to take advantage of this program in the short 15 days you have, you definitely should before it’s gone… Read more

Motorola looking for Cliq 2.1 beta testers

Earlier today, we received word that Motorola is looking for first come first serve (along with some other pre-reqs) beta testers for 2.1 on the Cliq. Sure enough, like clockwork the Motorola Owners’ Forums has posted a message containing the following: “Motorola and T-Mobile are happy to announce a trial release of the 2.1 (Éclair) software upgrade… Read more