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LG Majestic breaks cover, heading to US Cellular

While this isn’t all the information we typically would like, it is nice to see the LG Optimus Black variant for US Cellular finally finding its way onto the Internet again. It has been awhile since we heard about the device heading to the regional carrier. Even if we’ve already missed the rumored launch date of September, at least we know the device is… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy Tab 10.1 teased to launch with US Cellular’s 4G network

So US Cellular is launching their 4G LTE network soon, and while the wireless carrier is more than willing to talk about the network enhancements, they are being coy about the actual devices they will be launching. They’ve said that it will be within the first quarter of 2012 that we’ll see a device, but we’re impatient, so seeing this leaked slide has us… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Nexus signup page showcases 7 wireless carriers

When a high-profile device is getting ready to hit the shelves, manufacturers (and carriers) will usually launch a “learn more about…” page, where you can sign up to have information about the particular device sent to you before the launch. It’s a great way to get to know a device long before you buy it. This time around, we also get a chance to see… Read more

HTC Flyer, HTC Wildfire S and HTC Hero S launching in October

For those of you under US Cellular’s network wing, you may be eager to hear that the regional carrier is getting geared up to launch three brand new Android-powered devices next month. If you’re in the mood for a 7-inch tablet device, then the HTC Flyer will suit your needs. There’s also a mid-range device in that of the HTC Wildfire S, or the semi-high-end… Read more

U.S. Cellular announces the Galaxy Tab

It’s not very often you see a smaller regional carrier really step their game up and get ahold of top notch devices for their customers, but U.S. Cellular seems to be doing a fine job of it. Not only is the carrier offering their version of the Samsung Galaxy S (Mesmerize), and the HTC Desire, but they’re also going to be selling the Samsung Galaxy… Read more

Desire: Spec’ed, Delayed, Rooted

The HTC Desire appears to be a hot commodity these days.  Our international readers can already pick up this device on several popular carriers.  Here in the states, it will be available on US Cellular, as announced on their Facebook page.  While none of the four major U.S. carriers are currently slated to get this device, it’s sure making a stir on the… Read more

HTC Desire coming to US Cellular this Summer

US Cellular confirmed a Summer arrival for the HTC Desire on their Facebook page.  The Desire’s official specifications page reads a lot like the Nexus One plus Sense or Incredible minus 8MP cam and 8GB storage.  Take your pick.  Even though the specs show quad-band GSM guts, the US Cellular version will be CDMA.  So don’t get your hopes up for… Read more