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US Judge Grants Apple A Ban On The Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Back in February, Apple asked for an injunction on Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus device and the court has finally made a decision to grant the motion and ban the Galaxy Nexus. There were four patents involved in the case but the official court release hasn’t been made available to the public yet so we’re still in the dark as to what patents caused the ban…. Read more

Midnight Poll: Are You Getting The Galaxy S III?

  This week marks the initial rollout of the Samsung Galaxy S III on various carriers in the US. There’s no question that Samsung’s newest flagship device will be one of the best selling Android phones of 2012, but how many of you are actually getting one? Did the switch to a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 sway your decision? The mighty S III is set to… Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Rumored to be Released on October

The Galaxy Note by Samsung was quite a revolution in the mobile tech world. It proved that a phone/tablet hybrid can work and can find a consumer group that would really enjoy it. With that much success, a follow-up is all but obvious. Now UbuntuLife is claiming that the second iteration of the Note is already in works and slated to be released this fall… Read more

Samsung Galaxy S III Hitting This Month For 5 Carriers In The US

You read that right. We’ve just received the press release, and the Galaxy S III has officially been announced for 5 carriers in the US. Those carriers are the big four – AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, along with regional carrier US Cellular. The Snapdragon S4 processor will be in tow, in addition to the 2GB of RAM. Availability is not yet known,… Read more

Huawei Ascend Y200 Budget Phone US Launch Soon

Huawei is sticking with its guns and continuing to make budget phones. Though the Ascend P1 S truly impressed me (for a Huawei phone anyway), they aren’t giving up the budget market. The Y200 was displayed at CTIA, and now we find out that it will be launching in the US in a few months. This would be a good phone for kids as a first phone. The Y200… Read more

ASUS Eee Pad Slider Being Updated To ICS in the US

If you own an ASUS Eee Pad Slider and live in the US, ASUS has some good news for you! All US Eee Pad Slider SL101′s are being updated to Ice Cream Sandwich release v9.2.1.21. I haven’t heard many people owning the Eee Pad Slider, but that just means more props to ASUS for supporting a less popular non-high-end device. Especially considering their… Read more

What Phone are you Using? [Poll]

The comments section is wide open below. Pull your phone out your pocket. Put it down in front of you. Tell us about it! Are you rocking an Android device from this year? Last year? Are you running a custom ROM or still stock? Custom launcher? Neat homescreen setup? Anything notable? We want to hear from… Read more

5 Ways Verizon Could Ruin the Samsung Galaxy S II

It seems like the rumor mill has been in top gear lately with all the stories regarding the anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy S II. The device has been a hit overseas, notching more than 5 million sales in just 85 days on the market. It’s doing especially well in European countries and on the Korean market. For comparison, the original Galaxy S… Read more