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Sony Xperia V Using “Sensor-On-Lens” Tech, Thinner Display

Sony announced their new “sensor-on-lens” technology that they are debuting in the Xperia V. This technology removes a layer of glass and glue, integrating the sensor into the top layer of glass, or lens. It makes you feel like you’re touching the image instead of glass. It also reduces haze and increases luminance. It’s a great technology of course,… Read more

HTC One V Hitting Cricket September 2

It’s not everyday we hear about prepaid carrier Cricket, nor do we hear of decent phones hitting their network. Today is different however, as HTC and Cricket are partnering to bring the first HTC handset to the network, the One V. The phone will be available from all channels starting September 2nd. Anyone planning on grabbing this phone from Cricket?… Read more

HTC One V Soon Joining the U.S. Cellular Ranks

Ever wondered when the mid-range HTC One V was headed stateside? Well good news, U.S. Cellular has announced that it will be carrying the mid-range smartphone starting July 6th. This phone, while it isn’t a high-end phone by any of today’s standards, still holds it’s own in the middle ground market. It packs a 1GHz processor and 5MP Camera all being… Read more

HTC Becomes First PlayStation-Certified Partner

The Sony PlayStation Suite, announced last year in January, has been renamed to PlayStation Mobile. Of course, with Sony hardware being so unpopular (and often just no good), what should they do? Get someone who is actually popular, of course. And with that, HTC has been named the first non-Sony partner to make PlayStation-certified devices. It… Read more