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T-Mobile Is The Premier Nexus 4 Partner, Will Also Have 3G Nexus 7

Today, T-Mobile announced some fantastic news for its customers. Usually, T-Mo is known for being the budget carrier with the low/mid range phone lineup. However, they seem to have gone back to their roots with this one: They will be the “premier partner with Google for the Nexus 4.” Takes you back to the days where the G1 was on T-Mobile, huh? The… Read more

AT&T Drops One X Price Tag To $99

The HTC One X has consistently proven to be one of the most powerful handsets in the US market and now its adding value into the mix. Beginning today, the HTC One X will be available from AT&T for just $99. The decision surely stems from the intense competition that Samsung has sparked with its Galaxy S III line, already selling 10 million… Read more