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Droid Eris officially announced

O.K., so it’s not a big shock at this point, but HTC and Verizon have made it official as of today. Eris will be available tomorrow at $99 after a $100 mail-in rebate on a two-year contract. Cesar is back for another quick walk-through. Seven screens? I’ll never use them, but I’m still loving Sense. Check some specs after the video. * 3.2 inch… Read more

Eris unboxed

I may have been lass than enthusiastic about Eris news in the past. After all, I wanted some new features to go along with the new name bestowed upon this Verizon incarnation of Hero. But the leak ninja who tendered these images for Boy Genius says the phone is thinner and lighter than Hero, and that it feels better in the hand. If $99 is what it takes to… Read more

Droid Demo

Is this video all over the place right now? I’m so busy working on content lately that I haven’t had a chance to check out everyone else’s. I can see 303 views at YouTube with 44 ratings, which probably means the video is getting hammered faster than YouTube can count. I figure it’s worth posting anyway. Here’s a Droid demo by VZW marketing consultant:… Read more

DROID is $299, then you get a debit card

You know I love some good Android hype, and a phone as slick as the Droid (it really doesn’t get its own name in the series?) is about as good a hype generator as anyone can expect at this point. Still, I’ve found something to complain about. No, I’m not going to insult the grid-style QWERTY. I’m back to rebate shenanigans. A while back, in a post over at… Read more

DROID Does Times Square

Well, it sounds better than Droid Does Dallas, that’s for sure. And BGR is reporting that the campaign will be a first-of-its-kind interactive experience. Folks will apparently be able to control the NASDAQ and Reuters signs with voice commands? Seriously? How much does that cost? If it were quiet right now, I’d say that silence was of the “before the… Read more

Eris perched in preperation for belly flop

O.K., so everybody knows that the HTC Desire is now called Eris, right? Good. And you’ve all read about Droid being a Verizon *series* rather than a single device, correct? Good. And you’ve heard that Eris is expected to be available on 11/6, haven’t you? Good. Now that we’ve got all of that straight, there’s one more bit of information I need to cover that… Read more

Calgary, you look… diferent

Different from early concept renders (first image below), that is. Maybe Motorola was paying attention when the public found the colors cheap and the keyboard lines gimmicky. I dunno, I kinda liked it. Anyway, BGR’s all over these Motorola Androids headed to VZW. Another post by Boy Genius himself gives us the first glimpse of the second such device…. Read more

Droid hands on via BGR!

OK, people. The much anticipated and somewhat guarded “Droid” has been severely groped by BGR, and, much to our benefit, they’re into “gropin and tellin.” They’ve not too much to say just yet. However, what they did say about the device is absolutely glowing. This could be the miracle phone that brings me over to the big, red, VZW! Click on the pic to read… Read more

Android 2.0 Eclair photodump!

Well, BGR teased us yesterday with a video of the first Verizon Android phone, Droid, booting up along with the tantalizing promise that there was more to follow. And here is part one of that promise delivered; a walk-through of Android 2.0, complete with screenshots. Among the leak is evidence of a universal inbox, Maps 4.0, an app for simple phone… Read more