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Ting Shipping Galaxy S III Pre-Orders In Early September With More High-End Smartphones On The Way

One of the newer Sprint MVNO’s is Ting and we recently saw them begin to accept pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III. Today they’re back with some more news with one bit saying that they hope to ship the Galaxy S III pre-orders by early September because pre-orders have been so overwhelming. They did mention though that they’re working to possibly… Read more

LG LS860 Leaked, Brings Dual-Core And Full Keyboard Together

Phones sporting physical QWERTY keyboards are becoming a rarity in today’s market, with most smartphones opting to use onscreen touch keyboards. LG hasn’t given up quite yet, or so their latest leak claims. Above is the LG LS860, codenamed “Cayenne”, one of the first decent looking physical keyboard-equipped phones we’ve seen in awhile. Sporting specs very… Read more