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Virgin Mobile USA Phone Sales -Offer Ends Soon-

If you’re looking for a new prepaid phone on Virgin Mobile USA, now is a fantastic time to buy one. Virgin Mobile USA is having a great sale on select phones and through various websites. Here is the breakdown of the sales: HTC Evo V 4G – $149.99 ($100 down from $249.99) -Ends 11/26/2012. You save $100.00, but that’s not all. If you purchase the phone… Read more

Virgin Mobile USA’s Venture is official

Yesterday, we showed you the ZTE Venture, which was listed on Virgin Mobile USA’s website, but there wasn’t any official announcement to go along with it. The page insisted that the handset would be expected to ship on March 15th, which for those of you who were interested in picking up the cheap, low-end device, that wasn’t too long to wait. Virgin Mobile… Read more

LG Optimus Slider for Virgin Mobile officially announced

The LG Optimus Slider has popped out of the woodwork again, but this time in a bit more of an official way. Virgin Mobile USA has unveiled the new device on their site, providing with the announcement the fact sheet that some of you out there will probably want to take a look over. Of course, as we heard before, the LG Optimus Slider isn’t the next… Read more

LG Optimus Slider for Virgin Mobile outed by Best Buy

It looks like Virgin Mobile is ready to boost their Android stock a bit more with the help of LG. The wireless carrier seems set to launch what will forever be known as the LG Optimus Slider, and as you may have guessed from the name, it does indeed feature a landscape slide-out physical QWERTY keyboard. The device, while not officially official by LG or… Read more