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HTC One V rumored to launch on Virgin Mobile US for $200

We have known for a little while that the One V by HTC, the lowest-end of the brand new One Series handsets revealed by HTC earlier this year, would be landing on regional carriers here in the States, but the pricing has been up in the air. Without official confirmation from any one of the potential carriers, we’ve been left to wonder how they might price… Read more

Virgin Mobile USA’s Venture is official

Yesterday, we showed you the ZTE Venture, which was listed on Virgin Mobile USA’s website, but there wasn’t any official announcement to go along with it. The page insisted that the handset would be expected to ship on March 15th, which for those of you who were interested in picking up the cheap, low-end device, that wasn’t too long to wait. Virgin Mobile… Read more

LG Optimus Elite rumored to be Sprint’s next budget handset, may also be headed to Virgin Mobile

Sprint’s latest rumor features something not too exciting, in fact, we’d say that we’ve already seen a phone just like this before. Known as the Optimus Elite, this LG-made phone features many specs that the Optimus S, which has already been on Sprint for some time. The star of the show is a 3.2-inch 480×320 display, a 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a… Read more

HTC One V landing on US Cellular, metroPCS and Virgin Mobile sometime in the future

Earlier this morning, PhoneScoop was able to confirm with an HTC representative that one of the most recently announced devices from HTC, and part of the phone manufacturer’s new One series of devices, the One V, is heading to the United States courtesy of several different regional carriers. This was announced during HTC’s conference, but up until now it… Read more

LG Eclypse 4G for Bell and Virgin Mobile in Canada now available

If you’re up in Canada and under the wing of either Bell Mobility or Virgin Mobile and you’re looking for a cheap Android phone to get your hands on, then the LG Eclypse may be just the phone for you. Even with the no contract pricing, which you can see above, the 4G-capable phone is pretty cheap, which should speak volumes to anyone looking for a phone for… Read more