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Gingerbread keyboard glitch: ddoublee lletterss

A number of xda-developers members have discovered and confirmed a glitch in the Android 2.3 keyboard that causes double letters to appear after a word correction. The problem has been submitted to Google as a bug, with multiple commenters supporting the submission. As you can see in the video above, the glitch is easily recreated on a Nexus S. This bug… Read more

Video: SwiftKey for tablets

Popular keyboard replacement developer SwiftKey has come out today and announced their newest keyboard design to be used strictly with tablets: SwiftKey Tablet. The new Honeycomb inspired SwiftKey Tablet features an awesome Tron-esque color scheme along with “50% greater text entry efficiency than other market solutions,” support for 14 languages,… Read more

Use Gingerbread keyboard on any 2.2 rooted device

Like many other elements of the UI, the Android keyboard has been given the sexy makeover treatment with Android 2.3, Gingerbread. And although we got a good look at it in the Android 2.3 User’s Guide and in Alberto’s Gingerbread emulator video, I’ve still been itching to try it out for myself. Lucky for me, Droid-Life has posted the apk and easy-peasy… Read more

BlindType promo video

The iPhone BlindType promo video that came out a few weeks ago was a smash hit from the get-go and is currently pushing 400,000 views. And while some of the iPhone features are missing – like scaling, rotation, and invisibility – the Android BlindType promo video is almost as impressive and likely to experience similar YouTube success. One complaint I’m… Read more

Worlds Fastest Text on a Touch Screen Phone – Broken!

If you’ve ever seen Samsung’s ad for the Omnia® II™, then you’ve seen the time to beat for the world’s fastest text message sent (35.54 seconds). And if you were paying attention, you’d notice that the guy in the ad was using the Swype, software that allows you to trace a shape through the letters on the keyboard and it spells out your word for you…. Read more

DroidWars: Keyboards – Q1, 2010

The seemingly ill-fated series I began over ten months ago for PhoneDog (only to abandon it two months later), DroidWars, is back, baby! And while I can’t promise I’ll stick to a rigid schedule, I plan on posting these pretty regularly – at least until someone gets angry about the name, at which point I’ll tuck it away for a week or two, come up with… Read more

Probability typing: QWERTED

Looking for a dramatic shift (pun intended) in your typing habits but not in the mood for the physical retraining required for Swype and ShapeWriter or the hefty learning curve of SlideType? Check out QWERTED: a keyboard that determines which letters are most likely next in a given word and resizes the keys accordingly. The app is expected to be available… Read more