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Vizio Shows Off Duo Of New Nexus-Like Tablets

Vizio’s motto is to “make all the screens in your life,” and to achieve that, they’re getting back into the Android tablet game. Their first attempt with the VTab was disappointing at best, but this should be good. The first tablet they showed off is a 10″ slate very similar to the Nexus 10. With a 10.1″ panel at 2560×1600, it should look gorgeous. But… Read more

Vizio announces multiple Google TV based devices

Vizio is looking to step into the Google TV market, and has just announced a new set-top box running the OS. Known as the VAP430 Stream Player, it connects to TVs through HDMI, and has a pass through for other devices to connect to. It will feature a dual-sided remote, which includes a full QWERTY keyboard on one side. Pre-orders are expected sometime in… Read more

Vizio VTAB3010 M-series Android tablet teased during CES 2012

We don’t know much about the M-series of tablets from Vizio, but the company has saw fit to tease their new tablet, the VTAB3010 anyway. Even now, the company only has the VTAB3010 listed as “coming soon” on their website, and there isn’t a wealth of knowledge going around on what the device will feature. We do know that the tablet will have a 10.1-inch… Read more

Vizio tablet nearing Walmart release

Ah CES. You were only some five months ago, yet in mobile-blogging time, it could have been years. Products come and go from the CES show-floor, sometimes without ever making a peep. Such is the case with electronic manufacturer Vizio’s Android devices. After CES, they seemed to completely fall off the map. Which is a shame considering how well received… Read more

CES: Hands on with the Vizio Phone and Vizio Tablet

Not more than a couple days ago, electronics manufacturer Vizio announced a partnership with Google in which they discussed plans for Google TV enabled Vizio products. Right around the same time, Vizio announced they’d soon be releasing a phone and tablet both running Android under a custom UI. Josh Topolsky from Engadget got to spend some time with both… Read more

Google announces partnership with Vizio

This weekend, “America’s #1 LCD HDTV company,” Vizio, sent their CSO out for a Rose Bowl promotional video in which the executive hints at forthcoming products that are expected to be officially announced at CES in Las Vegas this week. During the spot (embedded below), Randy Waynick is seen sitting in the stands with what may or may not be Vizio’s new… Read more