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iOS 6 Is Apple’s Biggest Disappointment, Has Android Won?

Today was a big day for Apple, a major player in the tech world. It was the beginning of their annual developer conference, known as WWDC. It was kicked off with a keynote, and among the announcements were a refresh of the MacBook line (along with the reveal of the new MacBook Pro – I want that thing so much, even if I need to sell a kidney), talk about… Read more

Google welcomes Clever Sense into the family

Rumors are going around that Google is working on a Siri-esque voice command system. Now, no one can confirm or deny that statement officially but word on the street is at least one piece of that puzzle may have been acquired by Google yesterday. The developer of Alfred, a personalized restaurant and bars recommendations app, was picked up for an… Read more

Google may be working on a Siri competitor

Siri may be the most hyped up feature of Apple’s new iPhone, but Google isn’t going to let them stand alone. New rumors are suggesting that the Android team is currently constructing a competitor codenamed Mejal. Its main purpose would be to build on the current Voice Actions by allowing natural speaking, making voice on Android a much simpler task. We may… Read more

Google announces Voice Actions and Chrome to Phone

It turns out that Google’s mystery announcement wasn’t about Market improvements, Gingerbread, or any of the other topics guessed at in the blogosphere over the last 24 hours. (Am I wrong? leave a comment, with link.) What Google actually dropped today was a new method of controlling your 2.2 Android with speech called Voice Actions, and a sort of inverse… Read more