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Google Voice Updated To Fix Crashes On Android 4.2

If you received the update to Android 4.2 on your Nexus device yesterday and are a Google Voice user, you might have noticed that Voice had started force closing to the point of becoming useless. Luckily, Google issued a quick update today fixing all the issues with 4.2. All you Voice users can go back to texting now! And Google, thank you for releasing… Read more

Google Now Updated, Comes With Voice Actions And Gmail Integration

Along with Android 4.2 came an update to Google Now, not limited to Android 4.2 users. It’s a pretty significant update, so if you’re running Android 4.1 or above, hit the source link to grab the update. Google is integrating Gmail into Google Now. They’ve been doing this with the Google search box on the site for a few weeks, so it makes sense that… Read more

Google Voice Search Adds 13 New Languages

Google Voice search is well-known in the Android world as it’s one of the most basic voice tasks an Android user can perform. Well, now you can do it in 13 brand new languages, having already been available in 29 different languages bringing your total to 42 different languages. That’s 100 million potential Android owners that can now take advantage… Read more

Samsung’s S Voice Once Again Available For All On ICS

Samsung’s (infamous) S Voice application is available for all phones again. If you remember, Samsung blocked any phone but the Galaxy SIII from using it, but no blocks can stop a determined modding community. Of course, you must be running a version of Ice Cream Sandwich to use this app, but you do not have to be rooted. If you are not rooted, you… Read more