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Verizon Planning Shift To Voice Over LTE And CDMA-Less Devices

Smartphones are pretty expensive these days, and Verizon is looking to make the subsidies on its network cheaper. How is it going to do that? By cutting CDMA out completely. Their future phones may come with only LTE radios, nothing else, and use VoLTE (voice over LTE) for calling. VoLTE is coming sometime late this year or early next year, and LTE only… Read more

South Korean Carrier, SK Telecom, Launching VoLTE (Voice Over LTE) Tomorrow With The Galaxy S III

Not long after news broke that MetroPCS was the first carrier to deploy a Voice Over LTE network, SK Telecom in South Korea is poised to launch the same service tomorrow on the Samsung Galaxy S III. The “HD Voice” service will come preloaded on new Samsung Galaxy S III LTE phones. The service will reportedly become available on previous Samsung Galaxy S… Read more

LG Revolution 4G will launch Verizon’s VoLTE

For long time Verizon customers, the ability to make mobile calls while transferring data is just a dream, experienced only by those on other networks. But that’s about to change with a new protocol that will eschew Verizon’s old cell-based infrastructure in favor of voice calls over 4G Internet. This service is currently being referred to internally as… Read more