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Google Will Release A Physical Google Wallet Card Soon

It looks like Google Wallet is getting better, and fast. The physical Google Wallet card is nigh. It’ll work like a regular bank card, just swipe and go. It will work anywhere that accepts credit cards, and it will use the default card in your Google Wallet account. This means that you won’t ever have to carry all your cards around, just one card and… Read more

New Version Of Google Wallet Coming, Spreading Beyond Android

Google Wallet has been met with very few actually using it, and will soon be facing the heat of competitor Isis. Before the huge initiative begins, Google may be relaunching Wallet. On the Wallet webpage, it now teases that a new version is coming soon. It also reveals that they are looking to expand past Android, onto iOS and other devices. You can… Read more

Google Wallet Prepaid Card Refund Form Now Available

A while ago, we reported that Google is discontinuing Google Wallet prepaid cards in the wake of the new update to support all bank cards. Whatever money you had left on the prepaid cards, you had to either spend or wait for a refund. Well the form for a refund is finally available. You’ll need your Google Wallet device ID, IMEI and/or MEID, and some… Read more

Google Wallet No Longer Supports Verizon Galaxy Nexus

Verizon may have blocked the Google Wallet app from their Galaxy Nexus all this time, but it didn’t stop people from installing it anyway. Sideloading, through the browser, or even just coming pre-loaded with custom ROMs, there were many ways to get it installed. The thing is, it would work just fine. Now, it seems that either Verizon or Google has… Read more

Google Discontinues Prepaid Cards In Wallet, Offers Refund

In a logical move, Google has announced that they have cancelled their prepaid cards in Google Wallet. Considering that any bank card now works with Wallet, there isn’t any point in it anymore. While it is a logical move, only time will tell if it is a good one. After September 17th, you will not be able to add any balance to a prepaid card. After… Read more

Discover Adds Support For Google Wallet On Site

While Google Wallet has supported all major bank cards for a while now, Discover has made it a lot easier for their customers. Google has invited banks to sign up for tighter integration, and Discover is the first to take that offer. Now you can add your Discover card to your Wallet account straight from your Discover account on their website. All… Read more