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Google Wallet Now Supports Any Bank Cards, But Only Partially

Google Wallet never supported anything but Citi MasterCards, further limiting its already tiny audience (since only a few phones ever supported Wallet). However, that tiny audience gets to use other cards from now on. Google Wallet now supports all MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover bank cards. However, it isn’t true support. It has… Read more

Google Wallet Running On Any Galaxy S III

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOe1M2p0u1I&feature=player_embedded#! So the clever devs at XDA have gotten Google Wallet to run on the Verizon Galaxy S III (like in the video) along with any other variant of the Galaxy S III. As you probably know, Verizon T-Mobile and AT&T block all their phones from using Wallet, due to having their own system come out… Read more

Who Ruined NFC Payments?

First, we ask a question: How many of you have NFC enabled phones? Not many, but there are quite a few. Now we ask THE question: How many of you are able to use your phones as a digital wallet? That’s right, not many. There are 6 phones that are able to officially use Google Wallet, and they are all (but one) on one carrier, Sprint. There is the… Read more

8 Things You Can Do With A Free $50 From Sprint

Sprint’s doing a mighty fine thing with the launch of the Galaxy Nexus, and will be including a free $50 of Google Wallet cash with the phone. $50 isn’t chump change, and there are many uses for it. Everything from dinner to those new Nikes you’ve been looking at can be found under the support of Google Wallet. That’s why we’ve devised a list of 10 great… Read more

Isis is a bad thing for the Android development community

Payments through NFC have become increasingly more popular, through methods like Google Wallet. By simply pressing an enabled smartphone to a credit card terminal, a payment is made for the product being purchased. In all, it is a useful feature. However, it has been greatly restricted due to limited availability. Google Wallet is currently the only… Read more

The Android Wallet MID

A French company called eviGroup is prepping the early 2010 drop of a little MID that packs a 5-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen, 8GB of built-in storage (plus miniSD), cam, WiFi/GPS/3G. It’s set to run €300 ($440). Via… Read more