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[App] Coloring Screen Changes Your Wallpaper With Effects

Here’s an interesting app for you guys. It changes your wallpaper with effects and even customizable edits you can tweak yourself. It doesn’t seem like much, but I gave it a shot. It’s really cool, since when you’re tired of your wallpaper, you can just change the color. Or if you don’t like something about it, you add some contrast or saturation or an… Read more

Wallpaper Wizardrii for Your Wallpaper Woes

So I’ve never had a big issue with it until today, but I know that getting your wallpaper set up the way you want it on your phone can suck.  Today, I flashed the newest leak on my Epic 4G Touch (I know… I said the OTA was ready.  If you want to ask me about it you can…  it’s pretty much ready) and all of a sudden I couldn’t get my wallpapers to… Read more

How to set Android Wallpapers without Crop [Video]

Have you ever found an awesome wallpaper that you couldn’t get to look good on your Android device because of the “crop” you’re forced to do? Me too. It’s annoying. There’s a free app on the market called Simple Image Wallpaper that lets Android users set full-size wallpapers without the annoying crop factor. Now we can set use full-size, beautiful… Read more

MKB Reviews: Time & Date Contrast Live Wallpaper

There are plenty of homescreen widgets and applications that can give you a large, visually appealing view of the time/date. There are things like Beautiful Widgets and others that take up widget space but give a simple, good looking view of this same information. This is a live wallpaper, however, so it takes up no icon space and still gets everything… Read more