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HTC EVO Shift 4G specs leaked by WalMart

It’s since been taken down, but WalMart recently published a product page for Sprint’s upcoming WiMAX QWERTY slider, the EVO Shift 4G. Cellphone Signal was able to grab some snaps of the page as well as product shots before the premature page was pulled. The successor to the EVO 4G has a noticeably smaller display at 3.7″, 8MP cam with dual LED flash and… Read more

Barnes & Noble Nook on shelves at WalMart starting 10/24

Right in line with next week’s big event in New York City, Barnes & Noble has announced that starting on Sunday, October 24th both the 3G/WiFi and the WiFi-only versions of their Nook e-readers will be available at WalMart. Price points have not been disclosed. Another detail missing from the release is what version of the product we will be snatching up… Read more

Motorola Droid at WalMart for $188

What is it about the number 88 that WalMart finds so fascinating? Is it significant in numerology? Does it guarantee prosperity? Maybe it’s a tip o’ the hat to the Freemason component of Sam Walton’s local Elk’s Lodge. Whatever the case, it seems you can expect each major device to drop at at a WalMart near you, cheaper than it can be had anywhere else…… Read more